Monday, 14 June 2010

Free StarWars Ewok Embroidery Pattern

Check out my Flickr page for some cool links to StarWars embroidery patterns:

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Progress on my robot embroidery

I can never get flesh coloured floss to look right once stitched!!

Free Robot Embroidery Pattern

My free robot embroidery pattern styled on Lost In Space!
I have already started stitching it up but the woman's body looks terrible!!

Highland Cow Embroidery Pattern

My last pattern of the day before I close up shop and cook dinner (marinated chicken mmm). This is based on a request from my best friend who loves Highland Cows and I found a sketch on an online (free) colouring page site. The pattern is so simple it would not take long to stitch up - as always please let me know if you do use my designs as I would love love love to see them.


Darwin T-Shirt

Darwin T-Shirt, originally uploaded by Make Do N Mend.

Completed! It only took a couple of hours watching telly to complete this pattern and I think it looks rather fetching - link to my Flickr page where you can see a full picture of the t-shirt.
My first Sulky transfer pen arrived in the post this morning and I have tried it out on a pattern I have been dying to make - robot carrying woman - see above for pattern link!!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Plastic Bag embroidery pattern

176, originally uploaded by lucy rose.

Taken from Lucy Rose's Line Drawings on Flickr this has to be one of my most favourite patterns - yet to be made. It would look perfect on a plain tote bag.
Check out Lucy's work for some of her other fab line drawing including tools and lighthouses - great stuff for unusual embroidery.

Rocket Boy!

Rocket Boy!, originally uploaded by Cate Anevski.

Found a new source of free embroidery patterns at Bees Knees Activities - lovely funky patterns that are relevant for boys and girls - of all ages!!

Two Weeks Off!

Following a long spell away from the Blog I have been recovering from foot surgery and have now been signed off work for two weeks!! So plenty of time to catch-up on all my crafty list of things to make.

Number 1: Badbird's Bigfoot Embroidery Sampler for my Husband birthday present. I have brought him a lovely oak picture frame and hopefully (once complete) this will look perfect hanging in our Dining Room.

Number 2: Darwin Embroidery Pattern from Cyote Crafter

Number 3: Superman pattern from free, downloadable colouring book online - swoon he is my hero!!!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Koi fish embroidery t-shirt

Ta Dah!! All done and dusted...well not literally dusted but certainly washed. This project took me a total of three evenings to complete, plus a little light lunchtime stitching, I have realised how much I love stitching things you can then wear it's pure vanity as more people get to see it and say if it looks nice - everyone likes compliments.

So here we are facing the weekend and I am without my next project, I do have a few patterns in the wings I could trace but it is my brother's birthday in April and I am minded to look for a blokie pattern I can stitch for him..............hmmm

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Koi fish almost completed

A little bit of lunchtime sewing and we are nearly there - justo ne more lilly to go!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Part Completed Koi Carp T-Shirt

So here is two night's work on the Koi Carp design and it is coming along nicely!
Still need to choose the orange for the body and two more lillies but i am loving doing it. Will post the full design once completed.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Koi Carp Back Piece

I have become a tad fixated with LA Ink and therefore inspired to embroidered a large Koi Carp on the back of blue t-shirt. I found the pattern on Urban Thread's webpage:
So far i have compelted the water andhave yet to add the colour to the fish body and lillies - sourcing colour inspiration from the internet.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

My Grandad in embroidered portrait

Here's this weekend's project - a portrait from 1942 of my late Grandfather Wallace Cole, a shopkeeper from rural Devon and a wonderful man. I hope to give him to my Dad a present along with another portrait of my Grandmother. I feel though that this one is not quite finished yet and maybe needs some more detail in the suit or tie.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Rainy weekend

April showers have come early to our village so I am scratching around for something to embroider. For al ong time i have thoughts about embroidering a B/W portrait of my late Grandfather - but to be honest I am a little daunted by the task - what if it comes out awful. I have started in earnest by photocopy an old 1940's studio shot and tracing the outline with an iron-on pencil. I have cut out a scrap of cloth from an old table cloth and (if it turns out half decent) will frame it in the embroidery hoop for Dad. Here goes wish me luck.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Pretty Party Balloon Embroidery

Yeah my balloon idea came to fruition in the attached pattern -hope you like it. Please post any creations I would love to see them.

Ooooooo what can I do next

From bcampbell's vintage transfers this is a photoshop version of the frame - minus Big Ben. If feel a tad guilty about deleting one of our national treasures but it's soooo pretty!
Unsure of what to include in the frame, but it will need to be clean simple lines to make sure it does not clash with all the detail in the border - suggestions for a good picture?

Big Ben.jpg

Big Ben.jpg, originally uploaded by bcampbell_to.

Found this vintage transfer on bcampbell's Flickr page and adore the border I can just imagine it full of springtime colours

Monday, 15 March 2010

Finished! What do you think??
I have not made it up mayself yet - maybe a project for the weekend but i could not wait to share it with you in the hope someone else will create it for me.
I think it will look great on black fabric or perhaps on the back of a white t-shirt.

Next project is already in process as I have been taken by all of the lovely party balloons out there - I am thinking of something similar to the lollipops but lots of different balloons hmmmmmmm

Free Embroidery Pattern Lollipops

My first free embroidery pattern for all you lovely embroiderist to colour-up.........happy sewing x

This morning I am inspired to create a pattern based on fruit machines from the fair - I love all those flashing lights, bright coloured fruit and simple shapes - see my little bit of inspiration above (will get the hand of this blogging eventually)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Octopus Dude

Octopus Dude, originally uploaded by Make Do N Mend.

Forgot to mention this was my weekend creation over a bottle of wine with my best friend. It is a edit of Badbird's Octopus design (free pattern hoorah and here's the link:
I just love her patterns they are so inspiring and unusual - perfect for t-shirts, which reminds me I need to buy some more plain ones for gifts - M&S here we come!

Training Wheels

Wow creating a blog is bizarrely complicated and i have no idea what I am doing - apologies for the awful looking page I will get there eventually.
Looking forward to tomorrow (not for work) but my chance to launch my first pattern (lollipops) on the world ...ahhhh

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Winston part completed

First Blog ever.........what do I write??

Morning! Beautiful Spring morning in our little village and I have a sudden realisation that I have nothing planned for Mother's Day tomorrow - may need to get Jamie down from the shelf.
I have spent some of the long Winter evening working on my embroidery projects and hope that the on-set of Spring won't tear me away too much. I still have my Winston Churchill to finish (see my Flickr page)
Plus I have loads of ideas for new patterns that I want to create, my current favourite is based on slot machine you'd find a the seaside - speaking of which i have just finish my lollypops design and may wel post my free pattern on Monday - very excited.